Terraforming Market
Solarex Istanbul 2023 is an international exhibition of solar energy. From 6 to 8 April
Energy saving

Sustainable development technologies for improving the energy efficiency of urban infrastructure

Wind energy
Today, approximately 4% of the world's energy comes from wind power. The cost of wind power is falling: Onshore wind prices have fallen by 40% in a decade and offshore wind power by 30% from a decade earlier, making it competitive for the first time. The number of technical solutions in this area is increasing, as well as the number of start-ups in the field of wind energy focused on this rapidly growing market. For example, developing technologies for capturing high-altitude and offshore wind, bladeless and vertical axis turbines, as well as miniturbines that can be installed along roads to generate energy from the movement of passing vehicles.
Wind turbines
One of the most modern solutions in the field of wind energy, it creates energy where it is most needed, i.e. on the spot, locally.

Technology advantages:
  • turbines are installed on the existing infrastructure;
  • smaller than traditional turbines;
  • cheaper to assemble and install;
  • 360° blades collect air from all angles;
  • as a rule, they do not require special permissions to install.
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