Terraforming Market
IE Expo 2023 is a Chinese international exhibition on environmental protection, water supply and purification technologies. From April 19 to 21
Clean water

Sustainable development technologies for improving water quality

  • Water purification from oil
    Energy-efficient installation for industrial, transport and other enterprises
  • Water purification from complex contaminants
    Eco-friendly treatment of industrial wastewater from oils and oil, heavy metals
  • Integrated water treatment systems
    Proven wastewater treatment solutions for industrial and municipal customers
  • Membranes for water purification from organic compounds
    Solution for agriculture, food and beverage processing industry.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
    Solution for the removal and recovery of copper and chromium from industrial wastewater.
  • Highly selective adsorbent PFAS
    Biologically derived materials for industrial water treatment
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