Terraforming Market
Energy saving

Sustainable development technologies for improving the energy efficiency of urban infrastructure

Wind energy
Today, approximately 4% of the world's energy comes from wind power. The cost of wind power is falling: Onshore wind prices have fallen by 40% in a decade and offshore wind power by 30% from a decade earlier, making it competitive for the first time. The number of technical solutions in this area is increasing, as well as the number of start-ups in the field of wind energy focused on this rapidly growing market. For example, developing technologies for capturing high-altitude and offshore wind, bladeless and vertical axis turbines, as well as miniturbines that can be installed along roads to generate energy from the movement of passing vehicles.
Vertical axis wind turbines
The use of traditional wind turbines is associated with noise pollution, which can be significantly reduced, for example, with vertical axis turbines.

Technology advantages:
  • relatively low noise level (3 times less compared to conventional windmills);
  • organic appearance among urban areas;
  • more efficient use of space;
  • reduced risk to birds and bats;
  • simplicity of logistics for transportation, installation, operation due to the use of light materials and relatively small dimensions (needs neither oversized transport nor special mobile cranes);
  • possible use in difficult terrain;
  • service without special equipment.
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