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Global Municipal ESG-Index

As part of its research, the Institute for Environmental Protection and Ecosystem Development prepared the "Global Municipal ESG-Index" for the Terraforming Market. It is designed to assess the resilience of cities to long-term significant environmental, social and governance risks (ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance) through the prism of the relevance of interest in ESG practices for a particular region.
The rankings used Google's search engine rules-based methodology to identify industry leaders and laggards, allowing for maximum transparency and the elimination of subjective peer review. ESG ratings presented range from leader (AA), average (AB, BB, BA, CA, CB) to laggard (AC, BC, CC).
The greatest interest in ESG topics was noted not only in countries such as the USA and Japan, but also in rapidly developing economies, including India and China. This gives hope to support developments in this area and the introduction of new approaches to management in various areas of life, especially in the least prosperous regions of the world.
Separately, the rating includes a ranking of cities in a number of countries: for example, Japan, Argentina, CIS countries, etc. 

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