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Global cycle of implementation of technologies for sustainable Urban Development 2021

Interpretation of the loop
New technologies make bold promises, but not all of them are viable. Investing in the development of our cities, we want to have clear guidelines. The cycle provides a graphical representation of the maturity and implementation of technologies, as well as how they will potentially be relevant for solving real problems and using new opportunities. The cycle is a source of information for managing the implementation of sustainable urban development technologies in the context of your goals. Depending on the chosen development strategy, you can use different approaches to the implementation of innovations in the chosen territory: meeting modern standards or ahead of other cities, choosing more risky early investment strategies to form your future advantages. 

The cycle will help you:
  • To understand which technologies really have prospects and already have a significant impact on the development of cities around the world
  • Reduce the risks of making management decisions about investments in technology
  • Compare your understanding of the business value of the technology with the presented analytics

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