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Technologies and innovations to combat air pollution in Tehran

Tehran, the capital of Iran, is facing a serious problem of air pollution, which leads to adverse consequences for the health of citizens. The problem is caused by traffic congestion, industrial emissions and dust storms. However, the city is actively implementing technologies and innovations to cope with this problem and improve air quality. In this article, we will consider several specific examples of such technologies and innovations.
Electric buses
In 2018, Tehran started replacing its fleet of gasoline-powered buses with electric buses. This made it possible to reduce emissions of harmful substances and improve the air quality in the city. More than 2,000 buses have already been replaced with electric buses, which helps to reduce air pollution and alleviate congestion.

Hybrid cars
Several hybrid cars have appeared on the roads in Tehran. The city offers tax breaks and other incentives to encourage people to choose hybrid models. This helps to reduce emissions of harmful substances and contributes to cleaner air in the city.

Public transport
Tehran is developing a public transport system, including buses, metro and taxis. The expansion of public transport helps to reduce the use of private cars and, consequently, reduces emissions of harmful substances. It also helps to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.

Walking and cycling paths
Pedestrian and bicycle paths are being actively built in Tehran to encourage citizens to walk more and use bicycles. This helps to reduce the use of cars, especially over short distances, and reduces emissions of harmful substances. The creation of additional pedestrian and bicycle paths encourages a healthy lifestyle and improves the air quality in the city.

Air filters
Various air filters are available to combat air pollution in homes and businesses in Tehran. The use of such filters helps to purify the air from harmful particles and pollutants. The city is actively raising awareness about the benefits of using air filters so that residents can take care of their health and indoor air quality.

Tehran is taking serious measures to combat the problem of air pollution. The introduction of electric buses, hybrid cars, the development of public transport, the creation of pedestrian and bicycle paths, as well as the use of air filters are just some of the technologies and innovations used in the city. However, it is necessary to continue investing in new technologies and contribute to changing the behavior of residents towards a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. This is the only way Tehran will be able to make significant progress in improving air quality and protecting the health of its citizens.

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