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Wood pellets and briquettes

A variety of alternative fuels are biogranules. They are also called fuel pellets or pellets.

Granules are obtained by pressing raw materials: sawdust, peat, shavings, straw, cake and others. Most often it is waste from the woodworking industry.

The main stages of the technological process:
  • preparation of raw materials (crushing),
  • drying/moisturizing up to 10% humidity,
  • granulation (pressing) at a temperature of 100-120 degrees, cooling and dust cleaning,
  • packing and packing.

Became popular since the late 1990s.

Main parameters:
  • dimensions (length, diameter),
  • heat of combustion, bulk mass,
  • ash content of the residue,
  • hardness,
  • humidity,  
  • the content of toxic substances   (chlorine, sulfur, heavy   metals).

  • relatively high calorific value (compared to traditional solid fuels),
  • a small amount of emitted harmful substances,
  • small amount of dry residue (after combustion).

Other applications:
  • in the chemical industry and everyday life as a sorbent,
  • in installations for smoking meat and fish as a filler.