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Pyrolysis gas

A variety of alternative fuels are combustible gases obtained from solid waste and low-grade solid fuels (lignite, peat, shale, etc.). 

The technology of destructive thermochemical processing of solid waste was developed in the 1960s.

It is a process of decomposition under the action of temperatures in conditions of lack of oxygen at a pressure close to atmospheric.

The oxidation process is exothermic, the heat released ensures a stable flow of chemical reactions. Oxides formed in the oxidizing zone are reduced by carbon into combustible gases: hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane (endothermic reactions). Also nitrogen and carbon dioxide (non-combustible components). The resulting gas is discharged into the gas holder and after filtration is sent to the consumer. It is used by consumers to obtain thermal (steam and hot water boilers) and electrical (gas piston and generator sets) energy. 

  • A feature of the technology is the absence of emissions into the atmosphere. 
  • Pyrolysis gas has a high calorific value.