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Smart benches

The urban environment is constantly undergoing changes and development, and one of the key components of a comfortable and functional urban infrastructure are street benches. Today, in the era of technology development and the concept of "smart cities", there are innovative solutions in the form of smart benches that offer new opportunities for residents and visitors of the city. In this article we will look at how smart benches become an important part of the urban environment, providing comfort, convenience and additional functionality.
Smart benches offer a wide range of functions and features that make staying on the streets and squares of the city more comfortable and interesting. Here are some examples of smart features that can be built into street benches:
  1. Wireless Charger: Smart benches can be equipped with wireless chargers that allow you to charge mobile devices directly on the street. This is convenient for residents and visitors who need to recharge their devices while walking or relaxing.
  2. Wi-Fi Hotspot: Outdoor benches can serve as Wi-Fi access points, providing free internet for all users in a certain area. This is especially useful for tourists, students and those who work on the street.
  3. Information Screens: Smart benches can be equipped with information screens that provide various useful data, such as public transport schedules, news, weather and local events. This helps people to be aware of current information and plan their actions.
  4. Smart lighting: Street benches can be equipped with an intelligent lighting system that adjusts the brightness according to the surrounding environment. This allows you to ensure optimal visibility and safety in the dark, as well as reduce energy consumption due to automatic lighting control.
  5. Air quality sensors: Some smart benches can be equipped with air quality sensors that monitor the level of pollution and provide information about the state of the environment. This helps citizens to realize the impact of pollution on their health and take measures to reduce it.
  6. Adaptive Design and Comfort: Smart benches can have an adaptive design that provides a comfortable seat and support for various users. They can be equipped with heated, ventilated or ergonomically shaped seats to ensure maximum comfort in all weather conditions.

Examples of successful projects

In recent years, there have been many successful projects demonstrating the use of smart benches in an urban environment. Here are some examples:
  1. "LinkBench" in Singapore: This project is a network of smart benches that provide wireless internet, device charging and information screens. They also have integrated sensors that monitor noise levels, air quality and traffic to help city authorities make informed decisions.
  2. Strawberry Tree in London: This project is a smart bench equipped with solar panels that allow you to charge mobile devices and provide Wi-Fi. It also has an integrated lighting system that adjusts automatically depending on the light level.
  3. "Soofa Bench" in the USA: This smart bench offers charging for mobile devices, Wi-Fi and information screens. It is also equipped with sensors that monitor temperature, humidity and air quality, providing useful information about the weather and the environment.
  4. Smart Stone in Amsterdam: This project is a paving stone that converts the footsteps of pedestrians into energy. Special piezoelectric panels are embedded in the surface of the paving stones and generate electricity when people pass. This allows you to use the received energy for lighting and other needs in the city.

Smart benches are an innovative solution that improves the urban environment and increases comfort and convenience for residents and visitors. They offer a wide range of functions, including wireless charging, Wi-Fi, information screens and sensors, which makes staying on the streets of the city more pleasant and useful. Projects such as "LinkBench", "Strawberry Tree", "SoftBench" and "SmartStone" are examples of successful implementation of smart benches in various cities around the world. Thanks to such innovative solutions, the urban environment becomes more modern, convenient and functional, taking into account the needs and comfort of citizens. Smart benches play an important role in creating attractive and intelligent cities of the future.

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