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Fighting smog in the city

For many years, large cities have been suffering from smog, but the solution still seems to lie in the plane of increasing green spaces and removing dirty industries beyond the urban construction line. However, there are really impressive modern approaches that offer a completely new look at an old problem.

Smog Tower

The project includes a number of urban innovations that provide a local clean air solution in public places. SMOG FREE PROJECT campaigns have been launched in South Korea, China, the Netherlands, Mexico and Poland.

The 7-meter SMOG FREE TOWER uses patented positive ionization technology to produce smog-free air in public places, allowing people to breathe and enjoy clean air for free. It is equipped with environmentally friendly technology, cleans 30,000 m3 per hour and uses a small amount of green electricity. SMOG FREE TOWER provides a local solution for clean air, for example, in parks. The SMOG FREE TOWER function was confirmed by the results collected by the Eindhoven University of Technology.
A source: https://www.studioroosegaarde.net/project/smog-free-tower

Greenhouses from smog

An experimental tower with a height of 100 meters in the north of China has significantly improved the state of the atmosphere. A special cleaning plant was built in the southwest of the city of Xi'an (Shaanxi Province) in Chang'an district.

There are many glass roofs installed on the ground to capture sunlight. The air, heating up, rises up through the system of tubes into the main pipe with a height of 18 meters. In the pipe, the polluted air passes through a series of filters, and it enters the atmosphere already purified. Every day, the installation passes through itself from 5 to 8 million cubic meters of air. The data taken from the pollution sensors indicate a decrease in the concentration of solid particles in the air by 19%. It is also worth noting that the construction cost was $ 2 million, and the total area of all treatment structures is 10 square kilometers.
A source: http://ekd.me/2018/01/v-kitae-postroili-100-metrovuyu-bashnyu-dlya-ochistki-vozduxa/

Billboard from smog

The billboard is capable of purifying 100,000 m3 of urban air per day. The billboard is located between Bajada Armendáriz and Paseo de la República in Barranco, next to the new UTEC campus. It has a purification system developed using Peruvian technology, which makes it capable of purifying large volumes of air.
A source: https://utec.edu.pe/en/news/utec-surprises-again-billboard-purifies-air
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