Terraforming Market
Solarex Istanbul 2023 is an international exhibition of solar energy. From 6 to 8 April
Energy saving

Sustainable development technologies for improving the energy efficiency of urban infrastructure

Wind energy
Today, approximately 4% of the world's energy comes from wind power. The cost of wind power is falling: Onshore wind prices have fallen by 40% in a decade and offshore wind power by 30% from a decade earlier, making it competitive for the first time. The number of technical solutions in this area is increasing, as well as the number of start-ups in the field of wind energy focused on this rapidly growing market. For example, developing technologies for capturing high-altitude and offshore wind, bladeless and vertical axis turbines, as well as miniturbines that can be installed along roads to generate energy from the movement of passing vehicles.
Offshore wind turbines and platforms
The technical potential of offshore wind power is estimated at 71 TW (World Bank, 2021), of which 70% is in deep water suitable for offshore wind turbines. The floating wind market is potentially 8 times larger than the fixed offshore wind market. However, at present, the use of ocean resources is associated with high costs, the need for subsidies and environmental problems.

Technology advantages:
  • the oceans are an untapped resource: 71% of the Earth is covered by oceans;
  • more powerful wind: much more energy is available at sea than on land, when the wind speed doubles, the energy increases eight times; the sea wind is stronger and more reliable; studies show that offshore wind provides 30% more energy than land wind because ocean winds are 5-10% stronger;
  • locally produced energy: offshore wind power allows electricity to be generated close to urban areas (often close to the coast); locally produced energy means reduced transport losses and reduced infrastructure costs;
  • big market potential: offshore wind has a big market potential - energy experts estimate that between 7% and 11% of electricity in Europe will be generated by offshore wind by 2030, with a projected total production of 24.6 GW in 2020 and 86 GW in 2030
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