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Insurance in the field of housing and communal services

Directory of companies providing services in the field of municipal insurance
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Housing and utilities insurance
Insurance is the creation of special reserve funds (insurance funds) at the expense of funds of individuals and legal entities, which are intended to compensate for losses and losses that have occurred as a result of adverse events or cases.
When assessing risks in the housing and utilities sector, we are primarily interested not in the fate of the entire object (this is rather related to housing insurance), but in the measure of danger and the degree of potential damage to the work of a housing and maintenance enterprise as a result of a failure, i.e. an accident, as well as the probability of losses of both physical and moral character of the final consumer of housing and utilities services-the population.
Risk management in the housing and communal services sector includes the formation of an effective insurance structure in the provision of housing and communal services, with the exception of uninsured types of risk.
Risks in the housing and utilities sector
The introduction by the bodies of urban districts and municipalities of a strategy for identifying, classifying and regulating risks in the provision of housing and communal services will make it possible to improve the quality control of the provision of such services.
The main risks in the housing and utilities sector are considered to be:
  • inflationary
  • political
  • regulatory and legal
  • sectoral
  • financial
  • social
  • legal
  • regional
  • cultural
  • natural and climatic
  • operational
  • personnel
  • strategic
  • production
  • reputational.
Insurance of operating company
Insurance of the activities of management companies involves insurance of property owned by the company or transferred under a management agreement, including:
  • special equipment and equipment owned by the Criminal Code;
  • the common property of an apartment building, engineering and communication networks, housing and communal facilities, etc.;
  • objects and equipment located on the territory of the house.
  • objects and equipment located on the territory of the house.
The possible risks will include both causing property damage to the company itself, and any potential harm to third parties (primarily owners of residential premises):
  • damage caused by natural actions and phenomena (lightning, hail, hurricane, etc.);
  • damage caused as a result of emergency situations and technological failures on engineering networks and communications;
  • property damage caused by illegal actions of third parties;
  • damage caused due to poor-quality or untimely maintenance of an apartment building, if there is no fault of the Criminal Code or the HOA in causing it.
The list of insured events does not include damage caused by the fault of the management company and its employees.
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