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Offer people an interesting idea for a new technology that can significantly improve the quality of the urban environment, or tell us about an existing one - we will publish your material with pleasure. For example, it can be technologies related to waste management, water purification, air purification or energy saving, etc. You can find even more ideas here.
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In a letter:
  • Tell us about yourself, briefly: what do you understand, what do you want to write about
  • Formulate the topic of the material - it should reflect his idea and contain specifics.
  • Prepare a synopsis - a detailed plan of the material.
  • Send an email to sayhello@terraforming-market.com with the subject "New author: [topic]"
  • We will definitely answer you. Important: we do not offer authors remuneration for texts.
    Write an article
    The basis of high-quality material is statistics, expert opinion and real life examples.

    Main formats: information and analytical article (9-15k characters), longread (15-25k), interview (12-35k), test (10-15 questions with three to five answer options and explanations for each).

    The article must be original, without errors.

    We accept texts in the format of links to the cloud Yandex, Google, etc.
    To PR-managers
    If you would like to publish a press release, please write to: sayhello@terraforming-market.com
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