Terraforming Market

I want to write articles on the Terraforming Market.
What should I do?

Check out the topic of the site
Read the materials that are already on the site in order to better understand which topics are of interest to us
Write a letter
In a letter:
  • tell us about yourself, briefly: what you know about, what you want to write about
  • give links to your best materials (articles in magazines, monographs, etc., or at least in a thematic telegram channel).
  • formulate several topics, any of which you are ready to tackle in the coming month. The topic of the material should reflect its idea and be specific.
    Send an email to sayhello@terraforming-market.com with the subject "New author: [subject]"
    We will answer those to whom we can offer cooperation. We do not offer compensation to authors for writing.
    Prepare a synopsis
    Synopsis is a detailed outline of the material, get "ok" or comments on it. Now you can start working on the text.
    Write an article
    The basis of quality material is statistics, expert opinion and real life examples.
    Basic formats: information and analytical article (9-15k characters), longread (15-25k), interview (12-35k), test (10-15 questions with three to five answer options and explanations for each), generator (50- 100 small fragments of texts, pictures or videos).
    The article must be original, without errors.
    We accept texts in the format of links to Google Docs.
    To PR-managers
    Non-commercial project
    If your project is non-commercial - write informative articles and send them to sayhello@terraforming-market.com, perhaps we will publish them
    Commercial project
    If your project is commercial - write to sayhello@terraforming-market.com
    If you would like us to write about your event, send a press release to sayhello@terraforming-market.com
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