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One of the factors limiting the height of residential and public buildings is the capacity of the elevator system and the area required for the organization of a staircase and elevator node. The higher the number of floors of a capital construction object, the more important it becomes to comply with fire protection requirements in the object and the device of stairwells, as well as the types of elevator systems, changes.
Depending on the drive, there are elevators: electric (the most common), hydraulic and pneumatic.
An interesting solution for high-rise buildings is the use of bolus elevators on a magnetic cushion, for example, the SkyPod system proposed by the London architectural bureau PLP Architecture.
Modern elevator designs have the following features:
  • reducing noise and vibration in the building and elevator cabin,
  • improving safety and reliability of operation, ease of use, and
  • reducing energy consumption.
Dispatching complex of the state of elevator installations
Along with the increase in the number of elevators, the need for high-quality control of both the operation of elevator installations and their maintenance and repair increases. To solve these problems, systems for dispatching the state of elevator installations are used.
The dispatching complex connected to the elevator provides the following amount of information to the dispatcher:
  • operation of electrical safety circuits;
  • unauthorized opening of the mine doors in normal operation mode;
  • opening the door (cover) of the elevator control device without the engine room;
  • triggering of the dispatcher call button from the elevator cab;
  • opening the door of the machine, block rooms of the elevator, the door of the elevator shaft pit
    Elevator condition monitoring systems
    Currently, a large number of supporting computer programs are presented on the market of elevator condition monitoring systems: the OB software and dispatching complex; the SLDKS elevator dispatching control and communication system; the MPultPro elevator dispatching program and others.
    These systems have a similar set of functions that allows you to control the movement of the elevator in real time and transmit information to the control panel of the dispatcher, who can simultaneously control several dozen elevator installations in various construction structures.
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