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Automated resource accounting systems
The main trend in the development of information technologies in the field of housing and communal services is the development of automated distributed accounting systems, the basis for which is software that provides data acquisition, processing and storage. The main innovative technologies are BigData, as well as the use of neural networks.
Automated systems of commercial accounting of energy resources (ASKUE) allow you to combine disparate data from metering devices and transfer them to information processing centers. The use of ASKUE allows you to keep records of consumed resources, control leaks and losses, accumulate data for further processing and forecasting, as well as form data arrays for the use of BigData technologies and neural networks. In Russia, the data storage system is a GIS housing and communal services system. In the future, ASCS will become part of the organizational and technical concept "Industry 4.0".
The systems presented on the Russian market can be divided into two groups:
  • ASCs created on the basis of top-level systems with simplified functionality. To operate, install and maintain a software system, you must have an automated control system engineer's education or undergo additional training.
  • ASKUE, created specifically for the housing and utilities sector and focused on the consumer of energy resources. These systems are fairly simple information solutions, the user is provided with a limited amount of information.
State information system of housing and communal services (GIS of housing and communal services)
Since 2017, Russia has launched a system for coordinating and collecting information about housing and communal services facilities - the State Housing and Communal Services Information System (GIS of Housing and Communal Services). This system is designed for long-term storage of information about all housing and communal enterprises on the territory of the Russian Federation. Its activities are regulated by Federal Law No. 209-FZ of 21.07.2014 "On the State Information System of Housing and Communal Services". All information about the state of communication systems, resources consumed, all utilities, and the state of the housing stock. The system also contains reports on the activities of service providers, data on housing payment rates. For all consumers of utility services, it is possible to receive the most up-to-date information about the cost of services, payment receipts, as well as pay for services.
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