Terraforming Market
Club of initiative people
Uniting to solve urban problems


We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to unite with people who share your passion for development and solving urban problems. Here you will find people of different ages and professions who strive to contribute to the development of our city.
Who are we and what are we doing
  • We gather people interested in the development and solution of urban problems.
  • Our goal is to create a platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience.
  • We support initiative projects aimed at improving the quality of life in our city.
Membership Benefits
  • The opportunity to communicate and collaborate with like-minded people from different fields.
  • Participation in events, seminars and workshops on various topics.
  • Access to exclusive materials and resources related to solving urban problems.
  • The opportunity to present your project and get feedback from experts and specialists.
Who can join
  • Schoolchildren and students interested in the development of the city and the acquisition of new knowledge.
  • Representatives of universities, research institutes and startups working on the development of new technologies.
  • People of retirement age who have free time and desire to contribute to the development of the city.
How to join
Write to us by email sayhello@terraforming-market.com . After registration, you will get access to the club's resources and will be able to participate in its events.
Thank you for considering the opportunity to join the Club of Initiative People. We strive for active cooperation and interaction to solve urban problems. Join us and contribute to the development of your city!
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