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Mobile wind power is an alternative to a diesel generator

New generation wind power

Only 25% of the land area has sufficient wind resources to ensure the economic operation of conventional wind turbines. For small wind turbines, this figure is only 8%. However, today there are systems that can economically operate on about 80% of the land area - a kite, a glider, a drone and a flying wing can be 10 times more efficient than conventional wind turbines, because they are able to capture the energy of high-altitude winds. They can use wind reserves at an altitude of up to 400 meters and convert them into energy.At the same time, the landscape suffers less.

How does it work?

The schemes may differ depending on the technology. But most often the mechanics look like this: a tethered flying wing (or other light object)it connects to a generator on the ground, it rises in streams by winds and makes cyclic movements, pulling a cable that drives a generator, which in turn converts the rotational energy into electricity. 

Advantages of technology?

Relatively low cost, due to the use of 90% less material compared to conventional wind turbines.
Mobility. Easy to transport.
Installation in less than 24 hours. Economical and easy installation, because complex structures, massive towers and foundations are not required.
Power generation 24/7. Works with strong and constant wind day and night in any weather.
The ability to deploy in harsh conditions. Ideal for remote locations and communities.
Easy to maintain, due to the simple design and autonomy.

Who will fit?

Such installations can be an effective alternative to diesel generators, especially given the constant increase in fuel prices, or other alternative energy sources. For example, to deploy solar panels in the field to generate 530 kW, on average, it will take more than an acre, while a kite will take about 6 x 2.5 m of land, which will allow farmers to further optimize their arable areas.

They are suitable for:
  • small local communities,
  • farms,
  • remote sites and islands.

You can choose the installation suitable for your purposes in our catalog.

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