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Where to look for new technologies and investors for them?

Technology transfer networks are a modern solution that allows you to connect developers of new technologies with potential customers.

Networks allow you to access open innovations, search for technologies and transfer them.

Technology transfer networks, trusted by leading innovators around the world, commercialize innovations. To this end, they attract scientists and developers, on the one hand, and business and government agencies, on the other hand: they hold conferences and innovative events, develop professional communities, provide their own expertise in the form of blogs and books.

The most well-known platforms for finding innovations and posting information for their own developments:

  • National Association of Technology Transfer NATT,
  • Technological Development Agency,
  • Russian Technology Transfer Network RTTN,
  • ITTN International Technology Transfer Network (China), Innoget
  • European Network,
  • Eurasian Technology Transfer Network,
  • Singapore IPI Singapore Network;
  • Commercialization Reactor (Latvia).

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