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Micro-settlement in the restaurant business

Micro-greens have become an indispensable ingredient in the modern restaurant industry. Its rich taste, nutritional value and aesthetic appeal make it an ideal addition to a variety of dishes. But what is even more surprising, some restaurants have decided to raise their love for micro-greenery to a new level by growing it on their own.
Many restaurants around the world are already growing their own micro-greens. One of these restaurants is "Cynics" in Moscow. This Georgian restaurant, specializing in traditional Georgian cuisine, is distinguished not only by its dishes, but also by its commitment to using fresh local products. In the restaurant itself, they grow their own micro-greenery in a special greenhouse. Micro—greenery in Cynics is grown using aeroponics, a method of growing plants in a nutrient-rich fog. This method allows microgreens to grow quickly and efficiently while maintaining their nutritional value.

Advantages of growing your own micro-greenery:

  1. Freshness: Micro-greens are at the peak of their freshness when they are harvested. Restaurants that grow their own micro-greens can be sure that they offer their customers the freshest and highest quality product.
  2. Quality control: By growing their own microgreens, restaurants have full control over the quality of seeds and the growing process. They can choose high-quality seeds and not use pesticides or herbicides, which guarantees the safety and nutritional value of the product.
  3. Diversity and creativity: Own cultivation of microgreens allows restaurants to experiment with different varieties and types. This opens up new opportunities for creating original and innovative dishes that will surprise and delight guests.
  4. Aesthetics and visual attraction: Micro-greenery is a bright and beautiful element on the plate. It adds visual interest and aesthetic pleasure to the dishes, making them more attractive to guests.
  5. Sustainability and environmental friendliness: Growing their own micro-greenery allows restaurants to reduce their environmental burden, reduce transportation costs and use of packaging. This is an important step towards a more sustainable restaurant business.

There are many other establishments in the world that follow this example:

  • Mirabelle in Los Angeles
  • Red Fern in Ithaca, New York
  • Side Yard in Portland, Oregon
  • Raptor Ridge Winery in Newberg, Oregon
  • North Fresh Farm in Portland, Oregon — they all share a commitment to freshness and quality of products, growing their own microgreens.

Growing your own micro-greenery in the restaurant business offers unique opportunities and advantages. This allows restaurants to offer fresh, high-quality and delicious dishes that satisfy the needs of demanding guests. In addition, it contributes to the development of a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to the restaurant business. Growing your own micro—greenery is a step forward to innovation, taste and customer care.

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